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Shredder Machine

The Industrial Shredder offering from Chebolus can shred the most toughest of materials with ease. With a two stage shredding chamber design it is capable of reducing the material size to less than 10 mm.

An optional sieve attachment can further reduce the particle size in multiple passes.

  • Two Stage Design for fine shredding
  • Minimum particle size in one pass – 10 mm
  • First stage –
    • Blade speed – 50 RPM
    • Torque – 350 Nm
  • Second stage –
    • Blade speed – 100 RPM
    • Torque – 285 Nm
  • Swing open first chamber for easy cleaning
  • Removable collection pan for easy cleaning of second chamber
  • SKF stock bearings with housing for long life
  • Keyless Hex shaft design
  • Sieve additionally available for specific particle size and multi pass shredding

Can be customized as per requirement

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