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About Us

At Chebolus we follow the below guiding values


We are committed to be completely honest in all our dealings

Customer First

Customer’s requirements and satisfaction takes priority

Ingenuity and Reasoning

Our products and solutions will always be backed by reason and ingenuity


Whatever obstacles we may face, we will always uphold our commitment


Chebolus is committted to be fair towards suppliers customers and its employees

Why us ? We hear you ask

Math and logic reign supreme

At Chebolus instead of asking you to trust us on our years of experience, we will convince you about our products and projects using the math behind it.


Products that utilise latest technology

All our products are updated on a regular basis to ensure that improvements are made with respect to the older generation thereby delivering greater product efficiency.


Circular Lifecyle

When you avail our after sales services we will ensure that when the product supplied reaches its end of life we upgrade it to a new one. Instead of scrapping the old product completely we will salvage its parts and ensure that you get the cost benefit over it.
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