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The Rubber Calendar offering from Chebolus utilizes an ingenious solution in the form of completely oil cooled system. This makes operating the Rubber Calendar sustainable and also economical. 

Apart from that the spring loaded nip arrangement always maintains positive pressure on the roller and prevents rubber to slip past.

This combined with the dual independently controlled gearmotor setup makes Chebolu’s Rubber Calendar setup unique in the market.

  • From ambient temperature (30 °C) to process temperature (70 °C) in 27.5 min
  • Waterless, no corrosion design
  • 25 liters heat transfer oil, so inexpensive setup process
  • Capable to remove up to 2kW heat generated
  • Infinite range of rpm ratios with dual planetary gear motor
  • Pressure loaded stock guide for continuous contact despite increases in gap
  • Roll working separation up to 2mm with maintenance gap up to 50mm
  • Cover removable through sliding and drop in type roll arrangement for safety
  • Motorized nip gap adjustment

Can be customized as per requirement

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