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Guide to Choosing the Right Shredder

Shred your questions away


Published Date: 09-06-21

There are two scenarios when one would look up for this article.

  1.  You are planning to buy a new shredder machine and can’t figure out where to start
  2. Well your shredder machine is broken and you would like to make sure the next one you buy won’t end up the same way.

Shredders are machines with spinning blades designed to basically chew through the material which is thrown in and shred it into small bits which may  be used as required.

What to look for in a Shredder machine ?

While selecting the shredder machine it is always important to check the moment arm of the blades where the cutting force is being indented. A larger blade will take a bigger bite into the material in one pass but may not be strong enough to endure the torsional and fatigue loads.

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